Sunday, December 30, 2012

Improving an existing art piece

I had some leftover white paint on my palette from my card holder project the other day. I decided to smush a piece of rice paper in it to use up the leftover paint. I wanted the white paint to be splotchy on the rice paper, as I plan to paint over it. The paint will soak into the rice paper where there isn't paint, and will be lighter where it is on top of the white paint.

This is a piece I had made at my monthly art club a few months ago.  I used white guache to paint an image. Once dry, I coated the whole page with black india ink (waterproof). When that was dry, I rinsed it with water (pouring water across the face and using a wet paper towel, not submerging it). Wherever the guache is, the black ink will wash away. Wherever there is no guache, the black ink will remain.  I should have done this on watercolor paper, but this time I used mat board.  There were places that ended up this weird gray tone. So I decided to use my painted rice paper and try to improve it.

I took my rice paper and tore it into pieces as I went. I glued them down to the left side of the picture using a mix of soft gel and fluid gel medium on the back side only. It is important not to get gel medium on the front side, as I want the paint to absorb into the rice paper in places, and the medium would prevent that. After I glued down on the pieces, I mixed ultramarine blue acrylic paint with Golden Glazing medium and some water. The glazing medium helps make the paint transparent. I added a line where the table should be and painted the lower part with more water to make it lighter. I did not add any white to my blue paint, just glazing medium and water. I used this same glaze for the coffee cup.  For the area of steam with the polka dots, I first painted the dots yellow. They were very bright and did not really look right. I mixed my glazing medium with some purple acrylic paint. I painted it over the whole area including the polka dots. It still looked very disjointed with the top portion being blue on the left and purple on the right. I then did two coats of the blue glaze over the purple to pull it together. I did a coat of watered down burnt sienna for the coffee, and called it good. I think it is a huge improvement. I really liked the texture of the painted rice paper.

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