Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another experiment glueing felted wool to felted wool

I did not like the visible glue line in my second wool felt glueing experiment (which evidently I never posted about). Suffice it to say, all the full strength glues did glue the wool together, except the textile medium.

I decided to try it again with the best two adhesives from the last experiment. These are Omni-gel and Beacon felt glue. I made the felt material damp in an effort to soften the look of the glue line.

After applying the glue, I let these samples dry.  I was able to easily pull apart the wool felt that had the Beacon felt glue. The Omni-gel piece held together well. I could pull it apart, but it took a lot of effort. I still can see a glue line, but it is pretty minimal.

So I have decided to "give it a go" on the layered sweater arms. I will run it through the wash machine to get of the layers damp. I will have to "unlayer" it to apply the glue, which could be a challenge. I assume I will be
"at one" with the glue that day (i.e. be wearing it up to my elbows).  Maybe I will do it this weekend so my husband can take some pictures. Otherwise, I will have to wait for the glue and felt to dry to take any worthwhile photos,which could take a month or longer. Too bad it's not August!

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