Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Update on felting layered wool sweaters

I tried to hand wet felt the layered wool sweater arms from the last post with no success. I then put the whole rigmarole in the wash machine. The assembly was very fat and stiff and I was worried it would bind up the machine, so I baby sat it while it went through a hot cycle.  It went through the hot cycle just fine, but still was not felted.


 I took it out of the wash machine, and took out the styrofoam core and replaced it with some bubble wrap. I sewed up both ends to prevent it from falling out and washed it in the machine (hot wash/cold rinse) three times. It still is not felted. This morning I put it in the dryer, but do not expect it help. Once it's dry, I have a couple more tricks up my sleeve (ha ha) to try. But so far, it's been a bummer.

I also had this brilliant idea to decorate a styrofoam Christmas tree shape with leftover scraps from my Christmas quilted placemats. It was a nice way to use some of the cut off ends from the quilt blocks, but I feel like it needs something as it looks a little patched together. I am going to search my stash for some shimmer and shine for it.

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