Friday, December 7, 2012

Cute sewn camera strap cover

For Christmas, I made my sister a camera strap cover, using the instructions on LBG Studio.  I printed photos that my sister emailed me onto cotton fabric suitable for ink jet printing and included them.

I had made one for my Mom last Christmas that included photos of flowers she had taken.  When I saw her over Thanksgiving, I noticed the strap cover wasn't holding it's shape very well.  Re-reading the instructions, I realized I used regular iron-on fleece and not heavy duty. I was also almost done with the one for my sister so I just added a second layer of regular iron-on fleece to it and hope it holds up a little better.  If not, I know what I can re-make for them for a future Christmas.

Here is my rough layout with the printed photos and fabric pieces.  You can check out the LBG Studio website for full instructions. Please note that the pictures need to laid out so that they will be upright when the strap is being used.  

The few changes where I varied from the instructions.
1. Added photos.
2. Put a pocket at each end, instead of just one.
3. Put velcro on the pockets. I cut a piece of Velcro in half lengthwise. I sewed it to the exterior pocket side where the instructions said to sew two sets of stitches to hold down the folded over pocket edge.  I did three stitch lines. I attached the velcro to the strap piece prior to sewing the two strap sides together. The velcro had adhesive on the back so stayed in place while I stitched it down.
4. Instead of one piece of iron-on fleece on the inside of the strap, I put separate pieces on each strap side, 2.75" wide.  The first time I made one following the tutorial, the fleece over the first side seam would not lay flat and kept bunching up when folded wrong sides together.   The separate pieces worked much better for me.  As stated above, I used regular iron-on fleece instead of heavy duty by mistake, so I did put an additional piece on each side.  Perhaps the heavy duty iron-on fleece wouldn't have the bunching problem?
This is a great idea for personalized gifts, although I did have to get photos from my sister, so I told her what I was up to!

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