Thursday, December 6, 2012

Experiment glueing knitted wool to knitted wool

I have a project that is multiple layers of wool sweater arms that I have been trying to felt together, to no avail. I have tried wet felting by hand, felting in the wash machine, and hand felting with my Clover needles. 

I am going extreme and plan on wetting it down with a solution of half adhesive/half water.  Before I bite the bullet, I thought I'd test out a couple of different products I had around the house. 

I used the following:
1. Sobo fabric glue (which I find funny, as it says you cannot wash it, so it probably shouldn't be used on fabric projects)

2. Omni-Gel (which is supposed to be waterproof when dry - so it could probably be wiped with a wet cloth, but I would not throw it in the wash)

3. Delta Textile Medium (I am not even sure this has adhesive properties as it is supposed to be added to acrylic paint so it can be used on fabric. I know other acrylic mediums do have adhesive properties, so I thought I'd give this a try.).

I mixed half water/half adhesive, dunked the bottom piece into the liquid, and then squeezed out the excess. I did the same for the top piece. Once I put it on top of the other piece, I poured the remaining liquid over them and squished them together with my hand.

I have them drying in a warm room. I hope they are dry tomorrow!  So far, I think the Sobo seems the best contender.

By the way, the Delta Textile Medium does say it has to be heat set before washing. If it works well, I will heat set it after I cut the arm into slices as it will be way easier that way.

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