Wednesday, December 9, 2015

black and white gelli prints

Just because I started one project on Sunday, doesn't mean I won't work on a different one on Tuesday. I made a bunch of colored gelli prints for a project on Sunday, and yesterday I did a bunch of new prints that are black and white.

I got an instructional art DVD of Anne Bagby's, the link to it is here, and the first step is to make black and white patterned papers. Anne uses painted backgrounds, stamps, and stencils. I decided to use my gelli plate since it is so fast to make multiple prints. 

Black prints on white background.

White prints on a  black background.

Black prints on translucent deli paper.

White prints on translucent deli paper (I put them on a black piece of fabric so you can see the white paint on white translucent deli paper).

I cannot tell you how many unfinished projects I have, let's hope neither of these projects end up in the permanent UFO pile!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Gelli printing play

I have a project in mind that includes gelli prints, so I made some this weekend specifically for this project.  I hope to have some finished pieces to show next week, if this works like I want it to.

These prints are on deli paper or tissue paper.  The tissue paper I used was meant to be applied to walls to give a textured wrinkled look to them (which I bought cheap at the thrift store, it's probably from decades ago).  It seems a bit more sturdy than the average tissue paper, I didn't have a single tear.

I bought quite a few new stencils over Thanksgiving weekend, as I was visiting family in Greensboro, NC and Betty's has a great selection. There is a severe lack of cool art and craft supply stores in the vicinity of Kearney, so I go a bit overboard when I travel. I really like the giant flower stencil (left and right in the 2nd row), and it was on clearance for $3.50.  I wasn't too crazy about it when I bought it, but I love how it prints.
 More prints on deli and tissue paper.

 These prints are on interfacing. My plan is to layer some of them, free-motion sew them with cotton thread, then use a heat tool (embossing gun) to burn through some of the layers.  The colors are more subtle when printing on the interfacing. I should have probably used more paint. This interfacing is pretty thick and opaque. I really liked the thinner interfacing that I had printed previously, as you could somewhat see the underlayer through it. (That post is here).

I am looking forward to making progress on these and will post next week. I hope everything works out as expected!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Documented Life Project, The Unplanner 2016, colorful inserts

I have signed up each year for Documented Life Project (since it started in 2014), but have not been very good about working on all the prompts. This coming year they are putting more of a focus on the "planner" aspect of it, and I am motivated to keep up with it. 

They provided some forms we can include in our planners. I wanted mine to be colorful, instead of white, so I used sprays (mainly Glimmer Mists) to color white cardstock and used some stencils and masks to add patterns. 

After they were dry, I put them under some weights to flatten them out overnight, then ran them through my inkjet printer. (Please note that my printer is old and has been used to print artsy stuff before, so I wasn't too worried about putting painted papers through it. If you have a lovely nice expensive printer, you may not want to put painted papers through it). Then I used my paper cutter to cut them. 

To fit all three inserts on one page, one of them does not have much space for paper-punched holes for the 3 ring binder. I plan to add a washi tape edge for the holes.

I know that sometimes doing stuff ahead of the start in January may be a bad idea, but it looks like the Art to the 5th sample shows these as white, and I want to start with some happy color!