Monday, September 8, 2014

Art with gelli prints on deli paper and interfacing

I really loved the translucent quality of gelli prints on interfacing, and wanted to layer them with some paper prints. Here is a detail of the final piece.

To create this, I took this gelli print on interfacing (this piece was lying on a table, so the picture is from an angle).
 And this gelli print on deli paper

And I hand stitched around the figures to attach them to one another.
It looked pretty cool, but most of the deli paper print is obscured.

So I took out my trusty embossing gun (outside for good ventilation and on concrete so I didn't catch anything else on fire, with a tub of water at the ready just in case) and melted away some of the interfacing.  I love how it looks!


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    1. Thanks Geni! I love the way it turned out! I hope to melt some more interfacing soon!