Friday, September 5, 2014

Visit to MONA, Museum of Nebraska Art

I signed up for a life drawing class today at MONA (Museum of Nebraska Art) that starts tomorrow.  It is always enjoyable to do life drawing from models, but it's been a while, so I am sure that I am a bit rusty.  It will also be nice to meet some more local artists.

When I went to sign up at the museum, I had time to walk through their current exhibits.  They seem to rotate their art often, so there were quite a few new pieces up that I hadn't seen. 

They currently have an exhibit: Pté Oyate From the Heritage Center at Red Cloud Indian School, Pine Ridge, SD. I thought that all the pieces were very good and had a voice. (This is something I often consider when looking at art, is it "speaking" to me? Does it have something to say?  It can be a painting of a field of flowers, but does it grab me and make me want to spend time looking at it?)
Keith Braveheart

I really liked these constructed buffalo sculptures quite a bit.
Michael James Two Bulls

They have quite a few pieces of Myra Biggerstaff's.  I really enjoyed this painting of birds, which had an abstract rectilinear feel.
Myra Biggerstaff
I thought this was encaustic when I was standing across the room.  It has that depth and warmth that encaustics can have, but it is actually oil on vellum, which was then wrapped over a mirror.  It really was wonderful and I felt the somber winteriness of it.
Maggie Tobin

An art quilt! I rarely see these unless it's specifically a quilt or fiber show. Up close it was really interesting. It included photos printed on fabric.
Michael James

Close up
 This was an enjoyable way to spend some time in downtown Kearney.

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