Monday, November 23, 2015

Gelatin monoprint workshop

A few weeks ago, I did a gelatin printing workshop for Becca and Laura, and wanted to share some photos.

Here is our work table with lots of paints, papers, stencils, etc.

Here are some prints. I believe both of these are Laura's. These have two or three printed layers on them.

Becca, working on her final layer.

Laura, also working on her final layer

And here are some finished pieces.



It was a very snowy day, which makes for a great art day, and we had a great time! I am so glad they were able to make it through the snow and play with monoprinting. Thanks Laura and Becca!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Art Club, paint and collage project

 I recently started an art group through the UNK Women's Club and our first meeting was this weekend.

We worked on a painted and collaged piece inspired from a Lynne Perrella class I took many years ago.

We used four paint colors and photocopied images to create our artwork. We also cut out our images to create a stencil.

Here is the group at work.

 And here are our pieces.
Lisa's, in progress, I don't have a picture of it in a more complete state

Diana left before I remembered to take pictures, so her piece is missing from the gallery. (Sad face).

We had a great time, ate Melissa's excellent coconut brownies, and had wonderful artwork in the end.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Layered and painted fabric landscapes

It has been a while since I have posted. I have been working on art pieces since my last post, but I feel like I have been spinning my wheels.

I had been thinking of just posting finished work on the blog, but then my posts would definitely be less frequent, so I shelved that idea.

A while ago, I created some patchwork backgrounds that I planned to paint, see here for the original post.  My original thought was to have a dripped paint effect, but decided to do some abstract landscapes on some of them.

For my first paint layer on two different pieces, I used watered down acrylic paints. When these dried, they dried much lighter and I decided they needed another paint layer. I switched to Setacolor paints because I know how they behave on fabrics and I could get the colors I was looking for.
 Here is the final piece. I plan to add some stitching and some additional fiber layers to this.

Another piece started with acrylic paints. This is when it was still wet.
I did add another coat of Setacolor blue for the sky.  I like how the brown migrated in that one strip of fabric above the horizon, as it looks like trees. I plan to add some opaque paints to add a bit more realism.

And the third one. I love how the diagonal piped fabric at the bottom gives the look of a farm field.
All of these need more work and details, but they are looking good so far.

I did try dripping paint on another piece, but it looks horrendous. I also worked a bit on the last two patched backgrounds, but I was experimenting and they are pretty awful. I won't be showing them on the blog until they make a turn for the better.