Monday, March 7, 2016

Fabric stamped with washers

I wanted to make some fabric with circle designs, but did not want to use stencils.

I decided to create my own stamps using washers and corks.   I glued the washer to the cork with E6000, so it would be easier to stamp with it. I made two different sizes.

Here is the smaller "stamp". I plan to make one of my hand sculptures out of this one.  I used my gelli plate as a palette to put my paint on and spread it out with a brayer. Then I stamped into the paint, then on the fabric.  I was using a Cotton Twill, and next time I will used a standard cotton, as the texture of the twill weave did affect the stamping.  I was going for a grungy imperfect look so I was happy with the results.  This one was with black and brown paints, although it is more black than brown.

This is the larger washer stamp. It is probably 2" in diameter.  I used red, yellow, a couple blues, and a brown paint to stamp these. This picture shows it laying across and hanging down from my dining table. It's a fairly large piece of fabric and was made for a specific project (still in it's early stages).

 And a close up. You can see the color variations and texture. It looks a bit rough up-close, but I like it that way. And from far away, it is uber-fantastic and exactly what I wanted.