Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Art Market in Denver

For many years I have participated in the Denver Art Students League Summer Art Market the second weekend of June.  I was working hard to have new pieces for the show, and so my blog was largely ignored for the last month.  Also, I was working on a large art quilt and did not want to post the progress, but wait until it was finished.

I went to Denver the weekend before last and stayed for over a week. It was a blast, I had so much fun at the art fair, with my friends, doing things around town, seeing a concert at Red Rocks, and going to Denver ComicCon. I feel like I stuffed a month worth of things-to-do into one week.  And Denver had a lot going on.

I am going to do a couple posts of things I did, places I went, etc. I am going to start with the Summer Art Market.

For the last year or so, I've been doing cow gelli prints and have kind of been cow obsessed.  This year I decided I wanted to make a cow art quilt. Shaped like a cow. Big like a cow.  I started it in January and finished it the day before the show.  Here is a picture of George in my tent at the show. I will do a nicer picture later, after I iron some black fabric to use as a background.

 Here is a picture of George and I, so you can see how big she is.

Why is she named George? I love my cow quilt and I was reminded of the old Bugs Bunny cartoon where Daffy Duck meets the Abominable snowman, and the snowman scoops him up and says, I will call him George, and I will hug him, and pet him and squeeze him.  That is the way I feel about by cow quilt. I will do a separate post, probably next week, of all the fabric and techniques I used to create it.  I have at least three other big cows I would like to make.

Here is the other side of my booth.

Here is a street shot of the show. I had a fabulous time, met a lot of people, and sold some artwork. Win, win, win.