Monday, December 7, 2015

Gelli printing play

I have a project in mind that includes gelli prints, so I made some this weekend specifically for this project.  I hope to have some finished pieces to show next week, if this works like I want it to.

These prints are on deli paper or tissue paper.  The tissue paper I used was meant to be applied to walls to give a textured wrinkled look to them (which I bought cheap at the thrift store, it's probably from decades ago).  It seems a bit more sturdy than the average tissue paper, I didn't have a single tear.

I bought quite a few new stencils over Thanksgiving weekend, as I was visiting family in Greensboro, NC and Betty's has a great selection. There is a severe lack of cool art and craft supply stores in the vicinity of Kearney, so I go a bit overboard when I travel. I really like the giant flower stencil (left and right in the 2nd row), and it was on clearance for $3.50.  I wasn't too crazy about it when I bought it, but I love how it prints.
 More prints on deli and tissue paper.

 These prints are on interfacing. My plan is to layer some of them, free-motion sew them with cotton thread, then use a heat tool (embossing gun) to burn through some of the layers.  The colors are more subtle when printing on the interfacing. I should have probably used more paint. This interfacing is pretty thick and opaque. I really liked the thinner interfacing that I had printed previously, as you could somewhat see the underlayer through it. (That post is here).

I am looking forward to making progress on these and will post next week. I hope everything works out as expected!

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