Monday, December 31, 2012

Dyeing silk scarves and wool roving with Colorhue dyes

I got a set of Colorhue dyes for Christmas. These are "instant set" dyes for silk and animal fibers. Supposedly they are very faint on cottons, so I won't bother trying that.

These are concentrated and the directions call for them to be mixed one part dye to three parts water, except black, which is to be a 1:1 ratio.  I bought some spray bottles and squirt bottles at the craft store and used my pipette to mix the dye and water.

I wrote the color names on the bottles as there are two yellows and two blues, and one of the blues looks purple when in the container.

I scrunched my silk scarf and  then put in in a ziplock bag.

 I took some of my rose color and put it in a separate container and added more water to get a pink.

I read some internet posts about using these, and one said squish it until the extra water in the bag looks fairly clear after each color. A different site seemed to add different colors before squishing. I pretty much squished each color as I went.

 After the rose color, I did an eggplant color, then the blue. Here is the finished scarf while wet.

And after drying.

I did another scarf with green, turquoise, and blue.

After drying.

I also did the same technique with some wool roving. I used one of the yellows, green, and turquoise blue.

When I took it out of the bag, there were some white spots, so I sprayed on more color (on freezer paper) 

I put it back in the bag and squished it some more. The color looks like it soaked into all the fiber, but the turquiose color became green since it mixed with the yellow.
The great thing about these dyes is they are "instant set". They do not require heat setting (iron or dryer), steaming, or a chemical to lock it in.  The material does need to be rinsed in water just to rinse out the extra dye, but that is it.

Both these scarves, and some others using a different technique, are available on my Etsy site, Ginger Wilson Studio


  1. That is awesome !! I love the look of the scarves !

  2. They were super easy! I recommend the Colorhues, just make sure you rinse the fabrics well.

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