Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Double wine bag Christmas gift

Uncommon goods had these really cool wine bags that holds two bottles. Allen and I often go to the wine tasting on Friday late afternoon at B Town Liquor in Boulder and usually pick up a bottle or two. I thought this bag would be a nice gift for Allen.

I bought heavy weight canvas at the fabric store and made my bag from scratch. After buying the fabric, I saw someone else who made a copy cat bag, and they used a purchased canvas bag.  For some reason that hadn't crossed my mind and I already bought the fabric so I am still making mine. Here is the post for the other copy cat bag. Bag by infarrantly creative. Since I don't have a silhouette machine, I will be using freezer paper and stick-on letters as stencils, and using paint.

I traced a wine bottle on the back (non-shiny) side of freezer paper. I cut it out with an exacto knife as I am going to be using both parts.

I ironed on the freezer paper stencils (dull side up) to my fabric and I am painting prior to sewing the bag together. This is in case I mess up the painting part. I can always cut another piece of fabric if I make a big mistake.

I have 3" vinyl adhesive letters that I picked up at the thrift store for 50 cents. I applied the word "RED" to the open bottle. (By the way, if the freezer paper needs re-ironed on, do not iron the vinyl letters!)

I am using Setacolor transparent paint in Plum. I mixed it half and half with water.

Here I have painted the red bottle and outline painted the white bottle.

Once dry, I remove the letters and freezer paper. 

On the outlined bottle, I applied the word "WHITE" with the outer part of the letter stencils. I used some additional vinyl sticker material to create a small gap between the W and the E, and the bottle edges. When painting with stencils, it's best to put the brush on the stencil and pull the paint onto the fabric. It is less likely that paint will get under the stencil by doing this.

 Once dry, I remove the vinyl outline stickers.

I iron the fabric to set the paint.  I then sewed up my bag and it is ready to go.

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