Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Art from extras and scraps

Instead of having to put away tiny scraps from projects, or throw them away, I am working on making little art pieces to use up these scraps. I basically was working on these at the same time as the card storage box. It was nice since there was a lot of drying time between layers of paint, so I could work on these while the other piece was drying. I have two canvas boards. I took the remaining dyed paper towel from the card storage box and glued them on the boards. On the one on the left, I ripped the towel into smaller pieces before attaching.

I had leftover printed text and geometric shapes on tissue paper which were leftover from my Revolution mixed media piece. I attached them next.

Since I was using stencils on the card storage box, I dug out other stencils to use on these. I used a rose/flower stencil on the smaller one. The stencil was the flower shape (solid) so in order to paint inside the flower, I had to draw around the stencil, remove it, then paint the flower interior.

This was a very large stencil. Originally I was using a fine point pen, but the texture of the canvas made the line look jagged. I switched to a bigger pen ( I believe it said it was a B). I then painted white paint over a portion of the paper towel. I really like the way the paper towel colors bleed through the paint.

I added the "RED" vinyl letters I used on the double wine bag project. I used the pen to outline the right and bottom side of the letters in black to give it dimension. I don't think either of these is complete yet. I sure I will be adding other scraps or finding something to complete them.

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