Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Art supply overload

I have been trying to organize my studio on and off for months. It's in the basement and I have a tendency over time to bring projects upstairs to work on them.  Then we have company and it all gets stacked back in the basement at the bottom of the stairs.  It is only getting worse as I keep buying more things and not getting rid of anything or using it up. (And often when I buy things, the store bags just get stacked at the bottom of the stairs as well, so obviously I was not in dire need of whatever I bought). Also, I added up my art/craft supply expenditures for the last two months and it was ridiculous.

So for the month of December, I have decided that I can only buy art and/or craft items that I need for a current project, which will be used in a couple of days.  And I am going to keep track of it here.

The real point is to use items I have and hopefully to finish some projects I have already started. And also to quit buying more stuff until I can whittle down my stash.

So far I bought this styrofoam cone, which I have used and posted about it this morning, here.  I used a piece of magazine cover to make the top pointy. Really, who wants a flat topped tree?

I also bought this jar for $2 at an estate sale, and this shiny garland at the thrift for 50 cents. The jar is for a project I am working on. I should not have bought the garland as it is for a brand new project. Therefore I have to work on that project this week in order not to totally break my rules (and, hello!, it was 50 cents, but that is how I can get in trouble). I did turn down quite a few items at the thrift store, as I had no immediate use for them, and do not feel sad about it.

I do plan on going to Joann's today to buy thread, because I used up four spools in the last week, and am almost totally out of black.  They have a Gutermann thread box (26 spools) for $20, and a coupon for $5 off when you spend $25, so I will just buy some big black spools to get to that amount.  I am not going to look at the clearance fabric, as that is very dangerous for me. 

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