Sunday, December 2, 2012

Experiment with felting layered wool sweaters

For my new project, I wanted to make some circular rings in multiple colors of felt.  I decided to layer the arms from wool sweaters (that were not felted yet) over cone shaped styrofoam and wet felt it. I have not done a lot of wet felting, I usually just felt sweaters in the wash machine and use the felted wool in projects. I may have to throw it in the wash machine if it doesn't make a lot of progress by hand.

I added some of the wool rope I had knitted the other day with Embellish Knit.
Here is roughly the order that the sleeves are in on the final roll. I did replace the yellow yarn on the left with orange yarn (that went inside the black rope). I took out the purple ropes as I did not have a matching sleeve this same color. 

I threaded a different colored yarn through the "ropes".

Here is my styrofoam base. I covered it with a piece of bubble wrap.

 I put on sleeve after sleeve. I think there are a total of eleven sleeves.  I did baste the ropes down with standard sewing thread. The thread should not felt to the wool,and if they are noticeable in the final piece I should be able to pull them out.

Here is my sweater arm roll.  I was hoping to felt it today but I have run out of time. I think I need to come at it fresh tomorrow.
I will show progress photos tomorrow!

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