Friday, November 30, 2012

Small stockings from felted sweaters

A while back, I dyed and felted the arms from a cable knit sweater, here. Here is a picture of the felted pieces.

I pulled a couple different small stocking patterns off the Internet. This is the one I decided on, but I do not know what site it is from.  I cut the stockings out,  leaving some additional seam allowance. I got 2 stockings out of each sleeve. The sweater was gigantic, so even after felting, the sleeves were pretty big.  I also cut some out of a red felted sweater and also a pinkish felted patterned sweater.

This wool is thick! It would not fit in my sewing machine. I used embroidery floss and a mattress stitch to sew them. I went around twice with the mattress stitch. The part that folds over at the top needs to be stitched on the opposite side than the body of the stocking in order to hide the stitching.

 I like to use the felted seams for the hanging loops. Even felted, the sweaters have a lot of stretch. The seams do not, so are a lot more sturdy for the loops. For the cable knit ones, I had ripped them apart at the seams. I used the seam from the shoulder (seen at the top of the first picture on this post) for their loops.

Cute! I will be at the craft fair at Mark Twain Elementary school in Littleton tomorrow 10-2 and these will be with me.

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