Monday, November 26, 2012

Back from North Carolina

I visited with my parents and my sister's family in North Carolina for Thanksgiving and we had our family Christmas while we were all there.  We call it Thanksmas.  I won't go into family stuff since I consider this an art blog, but suffice it to say, it was a really good visit.

On the art front, I went to AC Moore while I was there (an art supply store, I always find something good) and they had a bunch of Decolorant on clearance.  They were marked $7.50, but rang up as $1.66 each. Sweet deal. I got this price on a big jar of regular decolorant, a 3 pack of red, yellow, and blue colors, and a bottle of spray decolorant.  I am planning to play with these later in the week.

We went down to the art district in Winston-Salem one day, as my mom wanted to go to the bead store (Bubbling Well Bead and Tea Bar) to get some help and supplies for a necklace she was making. It was a lovely bead shop and they were very helpful.  Their bead displays were beautiful. The link to their website is here.  Their chai was good as well!

 Here is my mom working on her necklace.

The art district has a lot of galleries, funky shops, and murals. I liked this one.

By the time we were leaving the  bead shop, the fiber art shop a few doors down had already closed for the day (at 3, I was sad).  We did go to the Piedmont Craftsmen store and they had a lot of variety of art and craft. I really like the work of the felt artist they had.  They had a sign that said, "no pictures" so I did not take any. I don't see a picture of her art on their website either. I wandered around in there for probably a half an hour. 

I got back from N.C. late Friday and Allen's brother's family have been visiting which has been nice. They live in California and we don't see them very often.  They will be headed back later today and I plan to get going on a lot of projects this week. I did paint some canvas fabric while I was in North Carolina, we will see if they become finished pieces.


  1. Love my pillows you made with the magnolia design fabric. Now to keep Leo and dog hair off of them. Hope I remember what I learned about making wrapped pendants and beads.My goal is to get this finished by Jan, 1, 2013. Hopefully I can make some earrings too. I have seen some S swirls I like.

  2. Thanks Mom! Glad you liked the pillows! They should be fairly dog proof as long as Leo doesn't think they are dog toys and pulls the stuffing out of them! I'm sure the folks at Bubbling Well will help you out with your necklace if you get stuck.