Sunday, November 11, 2012

Second Saturday club, Collagraphy

The Mixed Media art group met for our usual 2nd Saturday art group. We made collagraph plates but I had to leave before they got them printed.  For my post on making collagraph plates, see here.

We used mat board as a base as I thought the craft foam that I had used in my previous post got smushed to easily in the press.

Sabyl and Simone are hard at work.

Sabyl's plate. I really liked this idea, so I started a plate with string, but forgot to take a picture. I will add it when I finish the plate.

Simone hard at play.

Simone's plate. I brought embossing folders since I was using my die cutting/embossing machine as a press. You can see she ran the hair and dress through the machine using the embossing folders to get texture.

 Here is another of Simone's plates in progress.

Laurie used actual leaves on her plate. 

 It was a fun day and I was sad I had to leave early. I hope they bring their prints to the next meeting.

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