Sunday, October 28, 2012

Acid Dyeing wool sweaters

I went to the Goodwill yesterday for their 50% off sale and picked up some wool sweaters for felting.  I found this huge beige cable knit sweater in the men's section. This thing was gigantic, it would have been past my knees if I tried it on. I separated the arms from the body as I wanted to dye the arms Christmas colors for a project and didn't know what I was going to do with the body yet.The tag said the sweater was hand knit, so it was fairly easy to find the mattress stitching that held the arm to the body. I did cut through the neck edge.

I used Jacquard acid dyes and used about 2 teaspoons. The red is Crimson. 

The only green I had was Chartreuse (used 2 tsp), which was a bit of a spring green so I added some Sapphire Blue (used 1/2 tsp) to darken it up.

Here are both after the dyeing is complete.  I have put them in the wash machine to felt. The colors are delicious, especially the red.

  Here they are, mostly dry.

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