Monday, October 1, 2012

Fiber confessions

In the seventh grade, I had to take home ec in school.  We were on the trimester system. Everyone had to take home ec one trimester, industrial arts the second trimester, and I forget what the third trimester was.

I am sure there was cooking and baking in that class, none of which I remember.  What I remember is the sewing project. We had to make a drawstring bookbag.  I made mine from a purple lightweight cordoroy. We all used the same white poly "rope" for the drawstring.  I was impressed that it looked pretty good when it was finished.

In the eighth grade, we got to choose which one of the three classes we wanted to take for the whole school year. I chose industrial arts.  Even though I vividly remember that bag I made, I don't think I liked sewing machines very much. I would have never guessed I'd be so engrossed with fiber and fabric 30 years later.

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