Friday, October 26, 2012

Paint bomb painting

I saw this on the Internet months ago and have been wanting to try it.  The instructions I read used watercolors on paper, but I am using Martha Stewart acrylics on fabric.

Here are my supplies: large drop cloth, paints, small paint canisters with snap on lids, water, and alka seltzer.  I am using a natural canvas and a blue cotton twill for my fabrics.
I thought the acrylics were a bit thick for this project.  I filled the container about an 1/8 with paint, and another 1/8 of water and closed the container and shook it to combined. 

After that, I took one color, put half an alka seltzer in it, closed it up, shook it a bit, and set it cap down on the fabric.  The alka seltzer creates pressure and should force the bottom of the canister to pop off the top. Since I did not want to lose an eye from a flying canister bottom, I did each color separately and waited for the last one to pop before doing the next.  Some popped up a couple inches, some just barely came unattached from the top and the paint just kind of dripped out, and two popped a good six feet into the air.

For the rest, I put about 1/4 container of paint and 1/4 of water and broke the alka seltzer into small pieces when putting it in the paint.  I don't think it helped that much as I still had some that barely came unattached. I did two rounds of ten colors on each of the fabrics.

It was fun and when they flew six feet in the air it gave me a bit of a surprise. I was thinking of making these into tote bags or similar.  The alka seltzer does make the paint look grainy in places on the darker fabric, but is less noticable on the lighter one.

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