Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sun printing before the storm

Yesterday I did some sun printing as it was in the 50's, but snow was coming later in the evening. I won't be able to do this outside again until the next warm spell.

My summer outside setup is gone, so here is my new fall setup. I love these insulation boards for painting.  See here for my "how-to's" for sun painting.

I started this one with bright yellows and fuchsia but it made my eyes hurt. I did about three coats of different colors to get to these jewel tones. It is still a bit garish.  For the sun printing, I am using leaves from my irises.  Even though the sun isn't out and it's not particularly warm out, I should still get good results.

I seem to do a lot of linear painting in my sun printing, so I purposefully did not do stripes in this one. The items for sun printing are the stalks from my irises with the leaves and withered flowers removed.

 Here are my results.  They were still a little damp when I brought them in. They were pinned to the boards so I just put the boards in the back hallway to dry completely.

They need a little something, but are a nice start.

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