Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day of the Dead, shadow box

Here is my finished Day of the Dead shadow box, Momento Mori. I finished this right before we went to Chicago so I did not have time to post it.

If you look at my previous post, I had a perfume bottle shaped like George Washington. The head was removable so the original buyer could use the spray. So poor George's head was removed and the skeleton head was added. I used Milagros paper for the interior of the box.

Both this shadow box, Momento Mori, and my Skull (below) have been accepted in the 29th Annual Day of the Dead exhibition at Pirate Contemporary Art. The show is October 26th through November 11th, and the opening reception is November 2nd. The gallery is located at 3655 Navajo Street,  Denver. Hope to see you at the opening!

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