Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stencilling on fabric with Shiva oil sticks

I am working on a Christmas project and instead of buying holiday fabric, I am using stencils and Shiva oil sticks to create my own. 

Here is my setup. I am using a red batik fabric, instead of a solid color fabric, to add more interest.  I have this cheap plastic stencil that was in my stash.  I rub my oil stick onto some freezer paper (after removing the "skin" that covers the oil stick). I use a stencil brush to pick up the color and rub it into the stencil openings.  I go over the whole sheet once, then a second time to try to get into the details at the edges. I used a gold oil stick.

I am only doing a portion of the fabric as I am using it for a small project.

I think it will look great in the finished project. I have to wait two days for it to dry, then I can iron it or throw it in the dryer to heat set it.

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