Saturday, October 13, 2012

More iDye for polyester

I made another purple dye bath with the iDye polyester dyes. I had some polyester fleece I was planning to use for a pillowcase for my niece but in the end I decided the fabric was too small (I decided against a patchwork pillowcase).

From top left going clockwise, pink velvet with leaves on it, poly fleece, some kind of heavy upholstery fabric, a wine colored mesh, white poly curtain with black pattern, piece from what used to be men's swim trunks(brown background with orange leaves), green sheer from previous iDye batch, maroon fabric from previous iDye batch.

The pink velvet looks like it got redder, but not much. Polyfleece is bright purple. Heavy fabric is hot pink.  Maroon mesh did not change. Poly curtains are purple. Swim trunk leaves now look a subtle dark orange. The green sheer is now maroon at the pattern but grayish at the sheer part.  Maroon fabric is no change.

I just never know what I am going to get. I just keep experimenting!

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