Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Visit to Chicago and good eats

We went to Chicago this past weekend. It is great to go someplace and hit the "refresh" button.

Some friends went as well so it was fun to hang out with them.
Tony and Ashley
We did a lot of eating in Chicago. How can you not get a dipped beef sandwich or pizza?  The first thing we did when we arrived is go get a hot dipped at Al's.  It was messy but delicious.

Then Allen and I wandered over to the Art Institute. We had been there before so we concentrated on the Modern and Impressionist art.  We wandered through Millennium Park to get back to our hotel so visited the "bean"  that is in the park.

And took lots of pictures, the distortion inside the bean is super cool.

Everybody has to take a picture of themselves reflected from the bean. (The bean could use a good scrubbing or meet a bottle of Windex).

Friday evening we splurged and went to TRU for dinner.  I am not going to go into details (and it is too nice a place to take pictures of the food), but it was amazing.

Our friends Tony and Ashley were running the Chicago marathon on Sunday. Allen had planned to run, but during training he was having too many pain issues in his ankles and knees. He decided to go ahead and run some of it since he was already registered.  We went over to the Expo on Saturday morning to get his race packet and look at all the booths. From there we decided to walk to the Field Museum.  I didn't really read up on it but they said they were having a fashion exhibit so we went to check it out.  I did not realize it was basically a Nature Museum with lots of taxidermy. They did have quite a bit of other exhibits so I still found it very interesting. I really liked this totem pole with faces on it's hands.
 I've been thinking about doing some fiber art with eyes on it so I was really digging this piece.

Since I was making Day of the Dead art last week, I thought this Tibetan piece was interesting.

Right outside the museum was a hot dog stand so we got Chicago Dogs.

For dinner we went to Hugo's Frog Bar and Fish House with Ashley, Tony, and some of Tony's family. Of course we got frog legs. They were good, but I think I'd rather have a chicken wing.  Allen got the Sea bass and I got the Fillet Medallions Oscar. Mine was tasty, but would try something else next time. Allen's sea bass was delicious.

Sunday morning was the marathon. I stood a ways up from the start, but never did see Allen, Ashley or Tony.

While they were running I wandered around Millennium park and the blocks to the west and played with my new camera. I did go back to the "bean". I think this was the most empty I have ever seen the plaza it is in.

I tried out the panorama feature.

 Nice skyline reflection. 

 After Allen finished his run, we went to the Contemporary Art Museum. There was a special exhibit (that did not open until the 20th) that looked interesting. There were quite a few pieces on display that I enjoyed, but this is one of those museums that makes me scratch my head.  One piece was a blown up photo of a magazine cover that had toothpaste smeared on it (on the cover of the magazine, not on the photograph), and it made me wonder what kind of art is considered to be museum worthy.

In the afternoon, we wandered over to the Navy Pier, then wandered back to the hotel. For dinner we went to Giordano's for pizza. Their specialty is a "stuffed" pizza.  It was very good.  I think I like Gino's East better as they have a thicker bready crust that has a dusting of cornmeal. 

Monday I made Allen go to two art stores. Dick Blick did have the Setacolor transparent paints I was hoping to get during this visit, but only had the small bottles. I picked up six of them as I could still take them in my carry-on and would not have to check my luggage if I only got six. I did finally get a packet of Black Idye for Polyester at Utrecht, but they only had one left.

We went to the Purple Pig for lunch.  We had fried pig ears (tastes like meat flavored potato chips).

I had the pork jowl on a piece of bread with some kind of sauce, sliced tomatoes, frisee, and an egg on top.

Allen had the tripe.

All and all a great trip.

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