Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dyeing Nylon fibers, with Kool Aid

I had bought an ounce of Nylon fiber at Fancy Tiger for $1.75/ounce. This picture doesn't do it justice as it is super sparkly.  Since Nylon is a man-made fiber, I decided to try to dye it with Kool Aid. It worked fabulously.
I mixed my Kool Aid packet with about a half cup of water in my plastic container designated for craft dyeing. I was worried about heating up the Nylon too much and it either melting or giving off gases (which would be extremely bad), so I added the fiber and only nuked it for a minute. It seemed to work great.  Here are my results. For the blue, I used the Iced Raspberry Kool Aid. For the dark one, I only used about a 1/2 cup of water. After removing the fiber, I added another cup and 1/2 of water and another piece of fiber and nuked it again.  I took that one out and added more water and another fiber and nuked it again. There is not much difference between the last two.  Red is Cherry. Orange is orange. The light one is a watered down orange, although it looks peachy-pink.Yellow is Lemonade. Obviously Kool Aid does not come in black. I decided to try Black Rit dye on one piece. It worked great and did not require a ton of rinsing to get the extra out, the way the Tencel did from yesterday's post. The only color that required two rinses was the red.

 I went to the grocery store and bought Grape Kool Aid as I wanted some purple fiber. Grape does not equal purple with Nylon. I got this weird maroon color, and a weird pink when I watered it down.  All the other colors were right on the money.

Shimmer and sparkle!

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