Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Soy wax resist results

Here are my results from using the soy wax resist.

I love the results but hate the effort.  I have to admit, I hate removing the wax from the fabric. The soy wax is supposed to melt if you wash it in the wash machine on hot, but I have not had good luck with this method. I end up with lots of wax bits in the wash machine, and our house is over 100 years old so I don't really like testing our plumbing system this way either.  I have been putting them in super hot water and rubbing the wax off by hand. This is not fun, and the water is uncomfortably hot.  Next time I will probably iron it off with newsprint paper to absorb the wax.  Better yet, I will try other resists.

This is actually a lovely olive green, not gray-blah.

 Here is the purple galaxy. I love how this turned out. I am sure I will add to it with paint or fiber.

 I put too much resist on this yellow galaxy, it is way too yellow. It will be getting some opaque fabric paint and who knows what else to improve it.

 Purple stripe resist:

Soda can resist:

Overall, the results are great. Of course I dyed some other fabric since I had tubs of dye made, but they did not have the wax resist on them so I am not showing them here.

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  1. Of course you had problems with soy CANDLE wax...it has other ingredients that make it all most impossible to remove it from fabric. Soy wax for fabric is an entirely different product, and you should follow your instincts re your 100 year old plumbing and any kind of wax. Your galaxies and "forest canopies" are FABULOUS, truly wonderful. You have a great web site and I am enjoying reading everything you post. Hats off to you.