Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fall is coming, better do some sunprinting

Friday I did more sunprinting with Pebeo Setacolor transparent paints.

My plan going in, is to do two layers. The first layer is texture, the second layer is leaves and branches. Here are my items for layer one: a plastic table runner, no-slip-grip pad for rugs, a wood placemat and a crochet placemat. 

 I am using the same setup as before, but have put my paints in spray bottles.

Here is fabric number one, it was supposed to be red and purple.  I did not like how splotchy the paint is (or how pink it is).

Fabric number one get a plastic table runner for texture.
 Here is the fabric once it was dry and the table runner removed. Totally awesome!

 So let's move on to layer two on this fabric. I sprayed the fabric with water to dampen it and added more paint.

I put branches from our cherry tree on it.

 After it was dry, here are the final results. I am somewhat disappointed that the cherry clusters were not more distinct.

Fabric number two, layer one is sprayed with green and blue.

 Texture layer is a non-slip grip pad for rugs

 Here it is after drying and the pad removed.

I then put on a darker layer of blues/purples/greens after re-wetting the fabric. I covered this layer with branches from our seed pod tree.

Here it is after it has dried. I love it. The texture layer really adds something.

I did some other experiments while I was at it and will post them in the next couple days.

Please note that using the paints in spray bottles was not a great idea, the paint went everywhere.  I should have moved my table into the grass, but I did not. So now my flagstone is very speckled. (and my gloves, and my box holding the paints, and my water spray bottle and my roll of paper towels, etc.). Next time I will stick to brushes.

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