Friday, September 21, 2012

She's crafty

I am applying for a winter craft show and thought it would be easier for them to look at pictures of my items on my blog.  So here are the craft items that I am planning to sell at the show.

I did a previous post on my zippered coin purses made from felted sweaters. Some of them were enhanced with some additional felted embellishment. Here are the one that are currently finished. I love the colorful ones with contrasting zippers. The pink one is cashmere and soft as a kitten.

Here are some knitted/felted hearts with embellishments. I would like to make some bracelets with similar embellishments. I also plan to sell the hand display(s) as well.

Want to wear your favorite Tee in the winter but it is just too cold? Arm warmers made from felted sweaters will do the trick.

How about a handbag, either hand knit and felted, or made from a recycled and felted sweater. The Fair isle is my favorite.

Cute little felted flowers that can be a pin or a hair clip. I may do some on ponytail holders.


Some small quilts as well.

So this is my crafty stash.  What is your favorite?

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