Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sun printing on sheer material

I wanted to try sun printing on a sheer curtain (polyester?) with embroidery at the bottom.  I put a cotton fabric under the embroidery portion to see if the pattern would sun print on the cotton. To the left, I have two plastic stencils and in the middle left is a rattan placemat.

Here is a close up shot of the embroidery.

 The stencils printed very well onto the sheer. The raffia placemat design did not show up at all.

The embroidery design showed up very well on the cotton. Maybe I should have put cotton fabric under the sheer fabric portion with stencils, then I would have coordinating cotton and sheer fabrics with the same stencil pattern.

Please note that the sheer material does feel a bit sticky/gummy. It was pretty difficult to peel off the substrate, it was almost as if it was glued to it.  I don't have this issue with other fabrics. I am hoping after I iron it, that the hand of the fabric will improve.

A quick look at some other fabrics from this paint session.

This was a ugly commercial fabric that was yellow with a textured wheat design on it. I had dyed it green, but it did not improve it. I did two layers of sun printing with this wood placemat. The first layer was medium green and the second layer was a darker green. The placemat was offset just a bit for the second print and it created a really great pattern and depth.

This was a commercial (polyester) fabric, white with printed black circles on it. I did two layers, the 1st was pink/ purple, the second was purple/blue. I used plastic doilies for sun printing and they were put in different locations on each layer.

My next experiment is if acrylics can be used for sun printing. I have pretty much exhausted my supply of Setacolor paints. It would be nice to have a back-up until I restock my supply. I don't think acrylics will work, but I won't know for sure until I give it a try.

Has anyone had success using acrylics for sun printing?

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