Monday, September 17, 2012

Second Saturday art club, soft cut stamps

Second Saturday club was on the 3rd Saturday due to some schedule conflicts.  Sabyl taught us to make handmade stamps from Speedball soft cut material and linoleum cutting tools.  We made multiple stamps from a 4" x 6" piece of material. We drew out designs on copy paper with a pencil, then set the paper face down on the material and rubbed it with a bone folder to get the pattern to transfer. Then we cut it out using the linoleum cutting tools.

Here is Sabyl and her work (examples for class and some new ones made during class).

Simone and her awesome owl.

Susan C and her work.

Enid and her cool leaves. This is going to look fantastic!

Shannon and her very detailed piece (if you ever do carve stamps, don't put your other hand in the path of the cutter. Shannon was being very careful).

Here are mine.

It was a great time. I brought bacon chocolate chip cookies. The whole room smelled like bacon.  I had to leave a little early as we were having some people over for smoked pizza. We have a smoker in the backyard.  I didn't take any pictures of the pizza but it was delicious. Here are pics of the cookies, and the caramel salt pecan pie that I made. The pie disappeared really fast. I think I have enough ingredients to make another one!

Next I will post my soy wax resist results.  Enid gave me some great linen fabric, and I am trying an ombre dyeing technique on it.  They get washed tomorrow, we will see how well it worked in a future post.

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