Sunday, September 2, 2012

Field trip, Paris Street market

 Paris Street Market at Aspen Grove

The first Saturday of the month from May through October is the Paris Street Market, which is a bit like an upscale flea market.  I usually make the time to go, even though it's about a 45 minute drive. It has four rows of bric brac, vintage clothes,  vintage furniture that usually has a new coat of paint, and some new clothing and jewelry as well. I typically find something. Since I've been making vintage suitcases into tables, I really noticed how many suitcases were for sale, though most were out of my price range. 

 I did buy a suitcase to make into a suitcase table which was reasonably priced and had good character. I also bought some 40's yearbooks for Susan as she has been using old yearbook pictures in her art.

I have found all sorts of things at the Paris market. Rusty bits, funky drawers (without a cabinet), cool old hardware, a large bell (like for a boxing ring), cool old books and photo albums, old photos/tin types, old meat grinding equipment to use in assemblage, and all sorts of bits and bobs. I rarely leave empty handed or disappointed.

My favorite booth this month was Isa Creations. She has up-cycled vintage linens and wool felt into some super cute items. I adore these birds made from embroidered linens. Seriously, love, love, love these!

 Cute mini pie tin pin cushions.
 Felt butterflies (she also had butterfly rings).

 Cute mini dress cut-outs made from vintage handkerchiefs.

 Everything was lovely.

She as an etsy site at, and a blog at

I also hit three thrift stores on the way home. I found some cute fabric that reminds me of modern bark cloth. I bought a white sheet for dyeing/painting, and found a great vintage suitcase to boot. All in all a good day! And my husband made pizza in the smoker. Yes, smoked pizza!

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