Saturday, September 22, 2012

Good times in Denver

(This post is mainly to revel in my new camera and the great photos it takes)

Yesterday was our 4th wedding anniversary and I got an awesome new camera. I used it for the photos I posted yesterday.  We had tickets to see Amanda Palmer at the Gothic theater (I think she classifies their music as Dark Cabaret? If you check her out online, check out her previous band The Dresden Dolls as well), and stayed the night at the posh Brown Palace.  It was a great time.

Allen took the day off. In the early afternoon, we went to Lime for margaritas and our usual sweet corn tamales and scorpion shrimp.  Then we went to the Esquire to see "The Master".  It was fine, but I think we were expecting more based on the Rotten Tomatoes reviews. Also, it was filmed in a certain film type that the Esquire's projector couldn't deal with very well. The movie was kind of grainy, and had halos whenever there was a lot of light in the picture.

We checked in to the hotel and went to the Tavern in the hotel for a drink.  The Tavern looks like the inside of a boat, all wood paneling, even the ceiling. 


We went to see Amanda Palmer and it was a great show.  Super energetic and fun crowd.  We were on the balcony just behind some people that were sitting on stools, so we had a great view. I'm only 5' so often do not actually see some of the bands when we go to concerts. Super fun, but when they started playing Wham's "Careless Whisper" we were ready to call it a night.

For breakfast, we went to the hotel's restaurant "Ellington's", which was included in our package. It was good, but I am a huge breakfast aficionado and I was not wowed. If you want awesome breakfast, "Snooze" is the place to go if you are willing to wait an hour to get in.  (I was going to recommend the red velvet pancakes with espresso maple syrup, but just checked the website and didn't see it on there any more.  I do love the Bella Bella Benny!  I usually pay the upgrade to get one pancake instead of hash browns.)
Bagels and Lox

Corned beef hash omelet with truffle hollandaise sauce

We went to the Tattered Cover book store downtown. I wanted to look at their European craft magazines. I wanted to see the latest "Mollie Makes" but they did not have it. I did like a British mag, "Stitch" but did not buy it.  We briefly wandered downtown and I took some pictures.

So Allen and I have been talking about exotic meats and possibly going to "The Buckhorn Exchange" sometime. In fact the best meal Allen ever made is an ostrich dish.  Allen is an excellent cook and is willing to put several hours in to make an outstanding meal.  It may sound like ostrich, pineapple, cilantro basil pesto sauce, banana mash, and Thai curry sauce won't go well together but this dish rocks!

Anyway, we decided to go to Steve's meats in Arvada to see what they had and picked up some Elk Sirloin.  I don't know for sure what Allen is making, but it sounds like it may have a port blackberry sauce.

Right next to the meat store, lo and behold, is a German bakery. I was not hungry in the least, but still wanted one of everything. I got one of these black forest tortes and Allen got a carrot cake torte. I kept eyeing the strudels and we ended up getting a half of one, strawberry cream cheese. 

It was a great time. I got to test out my camera. I get an awesome dinner with torte for dessert. Fantastic.

By the way, none of the pictures were taken with a flash, even the pictures of the drinks in the dark bar.   The photos below were after dark in Louisville, using a twilight mode on my camera - no flash, no tripod.

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