Monday, September 10, 2012

A fun art weekend, museum, 1st Friday, and crafts

Friday afternoon I met my friend Melanie and we went to the Denver Art Museum. My favorite new work on display is this installation piece with dining tables and chairs all painted red, with gray foxes posed throughout. Very interesting.

Later we met up with my husband to walk Sante Fe Blvd for 1st Friday art walk.  We usually start with a margarita at El Noa Noa (Melanie gets a gimlet), then walk the galleries.  Melanie works for the school paper for Metro State and her friend Colby Brumit had an exhibit at Anthology Fine Art.  He had quite a few digital prints that reminded me of screen prints.  My favorites were these paper collages that were sewn together.

We hadn't been down for the 1st Friday art walk in a while. It was packed as usual. There were a ton of food trucks down there and Allen got a brisket sandwich.  It seems like there are quite a few places that now are modern vintage antiques or cute shops instead of being an art gallery.  There has been a fabric store down there for about a year (very cute shop, just seemed out of place with the art scene).  Now there is a bead store, a jewelry store, and a yoga studio as well.  I know that art is not always easy to sell, but it would be sad to see Sante Fe become a shopping area instead of an art district.  But cash is king, and it's better to have a shop that makes a profit than an art gallery that goes belly up, I suppose.

Saturday Allen and I went to Boulder, he had to stop by his office, and I convinced him to go to a craft fair with me. It was run by It had a lot of cute stuff. The booths setups looked very professional and it made me realize I really need to focus on a few types of art/craft instead of dabbing in absolutely everything.  They had a couple food trucks here as well, they really are sprouting up all over.  Some of the booths incorporated vintage autos which was cool. Here is studio 22 with a green pickup. There were a couple of VW vans and some others I don't remember. It sounds like Firefly handmade will have another craft fair in December.

Allen made dinner Saturday night. We had leftover pulled pork in the freezer so he made pork tacos with mango salsa.  I had wanted a fig dish, so he made roasted peaches and figs with creme fraiche and a balsamic reduction.  Super good.

Since we still had some leftover pulled pork, for breakfast Sunday I added them to eggs, made some small pancakes, poured on some maple syrup and made my version of a McGriddle sandwich. Gotta love it!

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