Sunday, December 22, 2013

Visit to Simone and Sabyl's studio

I haven't posted much this week. I am still having computer issues and am stuck using the laptop. It looks like my old computer has bit the dust, per the Geek Squad, so I may be getting a new computer for Christmas.  I can't wait to have a "real" keyboard and my photo editing software back.

On other news, my husband got a job in Kearney Nebraska that starts in August. If anyone knows artsy people and places in Kearney, please let me know.  In the mean time, I need to downsize my studio before we move in roughly six months, and I plan to put some craft packs and other stuff on my Etsy site starting in a few weeks.

I have been working part time since September so between my part time work, fixing some stuff around the house to put it on the market, and working on a project I want to submit to Cloth, Paper, Scissors, I didn't post at all this past week.

Finally, Saturday I went for an art day at Simone and Sabyl's studio. It was nice to have six hours of time to play and visit with them.

Here is one of Sabyl's works in progress. I don't know which side is up. I like it this way but think it is supposed to be rotated 90 degrees to the right so the dots are in the lower left corner?

And this is the piece she was working currently working on.

Simone was working on a linoleum print plate for a printmaking call for entry that is coming up. This is so darling!

I didn't really have a game plan for what I was going to work on. I wanted to work kind of big, but didn't want to have to carry a big canvas or piece of paper to the studio. I took some canvas fabric and some other fabrics I had laying around and my acrylic paints.

This canvas piece is about 20" x 30". It actually has four sections, not three. I painted 1/4 of it turquoise, a 1/4 red, 1/4 yellow, and 1/4 Process (pink or magenta?).  (I recommend lightly misting the fabric with water before applying the paint, to help it flow across the fabric). While they were still wet, I folded the fabric and pressed each of the colors together.  Some of the paints transfer and created an interesting texture and color on each section.  The blue one seemed to only pick up the red so I did finger paint some yellow and pink on it, then folded the blue section in half onto itself to spread those colors. This fabric looks way better in person than it does here.

For this canvas piece (roughly 18" x 24") I painted spots of different colors in places but it looked blah, so I folded it in half and rubbed it to transfer some of the paint.


Similarly, I painted this matelesse fabric with each of the four colors and mushed them together. Again, the blue was kind of one note so I finger painted some yellow and pink on top, but it doesn't look too hot. It looked much better on the canvas material.

This technique was a great way to get interesting color mixing on the fabric.

While I was at it, I watered down the same paint colors, and dipped some lace into the colors. I also did a piece of muslin, but the picture wasn't very good.

I now have a lot of coordinated and interesting fabric to work on a fabric collage. I will add some other fabrics from my stash for contrast. I think some of my Setacolor painted organza would be nice.

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