Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Glimmer Mists with stencils

Over Thanksgiving, I had brought a bunch of stencils to our weekend family get together. Then we went to the local scrapbook store and she had glimmer mist sprays for 75% off (she was having a huge inventory reduction sale. I might have bought some other things too.) Even though I had probably 12 of these at home, I felt the need to buy three since it was such a good sale. My sister bought some and my mom bought some, so we had quite the selection.

We would typically spray through the stencil on one piece of paper, then lift the stencil off and flip it spray side down on another piece of paper, to get two prints from one spray.

Here are my aunt's. She cut and collaged them as well.

Here are my niece's.

 Here are my sister's.

Here are my mom's.

Here are mine. I think I used too many layers as they look a bit overworked. I do like the orange circles layered with yellow zig zags and would like to do that without the purple detail on top (upper left).

Another fun family art play day!

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