Thursday, December 5, 2013

Using leftover thread to make thread "fabric"

I had a large amount of black thread that I had used for basting a project. Not wanting to just throw it away, I decided to make some thread "fabric" with it.

I spread out the thread onto some Solvy water soluble sheets. It would have been way easier to use a sticky soluble backer with a soluble coversheet (which I own) but didn't think about it.  The threads liked to catch on my sewing foot so I had to be vigilant that they went under and not over the foot. I just used a straight stitch with the dog feet up. On one sheet, I did a lot of straight stitched lines. The other, I did large circles.  The one with circles looked cooler than the straight stitch before I dissolved the backer sheet.
Before dissolving the backer sheet, straight lines on left, curved on right
 Backside before dissolving.

This is after dissolving the soluble backer.  The straight stitched is on the left and curved stitch is on the right.

Straight stitched:

Curved stitched:

I plan to use these in a fabric collage, most likely with adhesive, so I am not worried about them falling apart. I definitely wouldn't use them in a washable garment or quilt, as the threads will probably come loose.


  1. I've been saving all my threads and fabric unravellings for years and often use them with felt. My friend Ruth introduced me to 'sculpting' with felt offcuts, threads and water soluble film a while back
    I bought some soluble film and never got around to using it, but this looks just like my kind of thing! I think your thread fabric would go brilliantly with wet felting, threads tend to 'arrange' themselves in circular patterns around the felt anyway. Brilliant idea! :)

  2. I should definitely try mixing in these or other threads with wet felting. I also save all my tangled threads when washing cut yardage (fabric), and felting with them would be pretty cool. I have a ton of felted sweaters (I used to make purses and coin purses etc with them), and always threw away my scraps. I will have to start saving those as well and try a scrappy bowl!