Monday, December 9, 2013

Painted and stamped canvas

I have a specific idea for a piece of art that includes painted canvas, part of a recycled felted wool sweater, and embroidery.

Since I was painting a piece of canvas, why not paint two?  The one on the left was gessoed, the one on the right is without gesso.  I took a class two years ago where we painted on unprimed canvas and I liked it, so I thought I'd try it again.

Here is the gessoed canvas, below. I am using a color palette that is not one I typically use. The base colors are Quin magenta with white, Cadmium yellow?, Martha Stewart Orange with some yellow mixed in, Process Magenta mixed with Quin red. I just painted sections different colors until the canvas was completely covered. I then took turquoise paint and stamped a bubble-wrap looking stamp, then stamped turquoise swirls.  I used a kitchen wire whisk and stamped it with black paint.  I then used Tulip dimensional paints to squirt swirls and lines using black, deep turquoise, and red.  Most of this will be covered by the felted wool layer I will be adding on top, so it's okay that it's a bit messy.

This is the unprimed (no gesso) canvas, below. I did enjoy painting on the unprimed canvas as the paint acts more like watercolor. The paints blend into each other more, as long as they are still damp.  I used the same stamps and paints as before. Since I don't have a "game plan" of what I am going to use this for, I was a bit more restrained.

Here is a detail shot.

I hope to have the first piece done by the end of the week, but there is a lot of hand embroidery to be done so we will see.

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