Monday, December 23, 2013

Fabric collage

I am working with layering fabrics for an art piece, but I don't know if I really need to make it three layers like a standard quilt. I plan to do some free motion stitching, but the canvas is so stiff that I don't think a layer of batting will have any affect. So I am calling this a "fabric collage" since I don't consider it an art quilt.

I am mainly using fabrics that I painted on Saturday which I showed on yesterday's post. As you can see the bottom piece curves in at one end so I end up cutting it to be a rectangle. The fabric layout in this photo is the one I use. I haven't attached the three small rectangles in the middle yet.  I pinned and then sewed down the edges of all of the pieces using a straight stitch.

Here is the piece with the fabrics sewn down.  I do think I need to add the three small rectangular pieces is the middle.  In addition to the painted canvas and lace, I also included a piece of Setacolor painted polyester organza (center panel), and some ice-dyed cotton (at bottom, right side towards bottom, and 2 pcs on left side).

My original plan for the big canvas piece I used as a bottom layer was to eventually cut it and attach it to some 10" x 10" canvases, but I love how this turned out and it will remain one large piece.  I hope to do some free motion stitching soon!

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