Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gel skins

I was reading Julie Fei Fan Balzer's blog and her attempts at making gel skins with fluid acrylic paints and Golden mediums. You can see her post here.  I decided to give it a try using Jane Davies' original example with Tulip dimensional paints and Soft Gel Gloss (see Julie's blog for a link to Jane Davies' youtube video).

It worked pretty well. The Tulip paint is very dimensional compared to the soft gel and it took a fair amount of soft gel to cover all the Tulip paint.

I definitely like the smaller tubes of Tulip paint compared to the big bottle. I bought a big bottle of the black and it was a lot harder to get a smooth line compared to the smaller tubes.  I am thinking of trying this with just the Tulip paint and skipping the gel medium. I think as long as the lines were dense and close together that it would still peel up pretty well.

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