Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More stencil making

Recently I did a post about stencil making here. While I was at it, I also cut a stencil from a discontinued pattern book I bought at Hobby Lobby for $2.50.  Here are both the positive and negative stencils. I used the one on the left for all my prints.Note how I had to cut sections at the elbow when their arms were akimbo.  I basically have "hanging chads" on the stencil on the left (for the negative space between her arm and waist) and had to be careful they didn't flop around when laying the stencil down.

 Here are my lovely ladies. I really liked layering this stencil with other patterned stencils underneath.

And some in color. Many of them get a little lost with so much pattern, but I will probably go and use a pen around sections of them to make them more visible.

I think they look awesome.  I will mat some of these for the Denver Modernism Show, where I will be sharing a booth with Simone (Susan) Maxwell the weekend of August 21st.

Update 9/8/14: See my post here using a gelli print on interfacing and one on deli paper together on a piece of artwork. 

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