Monday, July 14, 2014

Master bedroom/Guest room makeover

We called this the Nebraska Room.  It is our master bedroom until we finish the basement.  When we were house hunting in Kearney, almost every house had a Nebraska room. Go Huskers!

Why is there green carpeting in the closet?  Who knows. The office/sewing room we did last week had red carpet in the closet.  When painting the drawers in this room, there was a kelly green layer on them, as well as white, and a gray -blue.  So the carpet is probably from the kelly green era.

Luckily this room just needed a paint job. It took a couple coats of primer to cover the red and black.

And while I really like my staircase and landing, and wide upstairs hallway, the queen boxspring would not fit up the stairs.  We've been camping out with the mattress on the floor for two weeks now. Since this will eventually be a guest room, we decided to not invest in split box springs. So, in order to fit the current box spring up the stairs, we had to cut some of the wood frame on the underside and fold it like a taco.

Our taco box spring.

We weighted it down with boxes to help flatten it back out.

 Allen screwed some plates and wood braces next to the cut pieces. Then he stapled the dust cover fabric back down.

Here is the finished room.  This color is called Sundance.  It is brighter than I expected, but nice and sunny. I also thought it would look more orange than yellow. Allen calls it a school bus yellow, and that seems pretty accurate. Obviously we need some new bedding to go with it. Sorry Huskers, I like it much better this way.


  1. What an ordeal. Well obviously you two are intent on having it all the way it needs to be. The guest room certainly looks appealing now. The wall color, Sundance is very nice. Easy to see ones way around looks like without needing lots of extra lighting.