Monday, July 28, 2014

Fabric storage

I had a lot of fabric to put away after the move. The fabrics in the green bins with pink striped lids will stay in those containers, but the other fabrics will get new homes from the two large plastic storage containers, one of the smaller plastic containers (the other like this is UFOs), the black trash bag and other miscellaneous containers.

The majority of the fabric will be stacked in this shelving unit (which will be replaced in the future by something prettier). The cardboard boxes are office supplies and such.

I also will be using this plastic cubby unit. This was originally a sales display for toys at a defunct Borders store, where I bought it for $30.

Full disclosure, I do have other fabrics in a few of these Ikea units. 

And fat quarters in these cabinets.

We are going from this:

To this. These are commercial fabrics, vintage sheeting, and on top, canvas and a chenille bedspread. There are some unfinished skeleton pillows in the mix too.

And this. 

And also this.  I bought three of these "under bed" storage drawers at Bed, Bath, and Beyond because they will perfectly fit in the built-in in this room.  I bought three of them, but only filled two. I told my husband I must need more fabric since I have an empty one.  One is all whites (some cottons, some polyester, some large lace pieces). The other is all hand dyes.  Most of the fabric in the Ikea drawer units are also hand dyes.

Here you can see the black storage drawers in the built-in.  You can also see one of my Ikea units in the closet with the small white cabinet that has fat quarters inside.  The red bucket holds my batting and some clear vinyl. I hung my pillow inserts from pants hangers on the clothes rod.

This certainly isn't the best organization in the world. I do have hand dyed fabric in multiple places, as wall as marbled fabrics and some other categories that are located in more than one place. But at least all the fabric has a home. There is still a section of this room that has not been dealt with. I will do a complete room shot when that part has been straightened up.


  1. Wow! It looks like you are going to be able to find what you are looking for when you want to work with fabrics. But where is your fabric dies, markers, yarn and felted wool? I see a lot of fabric projects calling your name. You can start working on a colorful applique robe for when I move into the the old folks home. I used to love the crazy quilt motif where you could use lots of colorful fabrics and textures (velvet & taffeta) with lots of different embroidery stitches. It was considered a work of art by the person who made it.

  2. The yarn is in a cabinet in the closet. The felted wool sweaters are still in the garage. Most everything else (dyes, wool roving for wet felting, paints, etc) will go in the basement studio (which is going to get renovated, so most of it is stored in the garage right now. Don't hold your breath on a crazy quilt robe. Maybe you can work on it when you are in the old folks home?