Monday, July 14, 2014

Kearney Art in the Park

Yesterday I had a booth at Kearney's Art in the Park. I really enjoyed myself and met lots of people and artists in the community.  Here are some shots of my booth.  I had hoped to finish some new pieces before the show, but between moving and fixing up the house, there has not been time. I met two artists that are on the committee for the Grand Island Arts in the Park, which is next Sunday, and they were so nice and said I could participate next week.  I think I may need to take a breath and relax a bit next week.  I may change my mind though, who knows?

Allen starts work next week, so I will have a bit more time to work on new art, since he won't be here to help paint and do house fix-it things. Art making has been on hold for over a month now, and I am really looking forward to getting back to it.


  1. Sounds like you are getting some new contacts re: art in the surrounding area. Hope you did well at the art show. I know setting up the tent, placing your art work is a lot of work, unpacking and putting away too, but now you have more space and can probably organize it more according to the media you used. Need to start my pepper journal. Taking a course with a new instructor at Betty's on Thurs. It is supposed to be using distress ink markers for water coloring. I have been saving some ideas to Pinterest. The presentation is not until Nov. I have harvested 3 purple jalapeños, about 10 serrenos. My Thai chillies not ready to harvest yet. We need rain.

    1. I couldn't get much to grow at the Louisville house, and never got many tomatoes in Englewood either. I do think I will have Allen build a raised bed for next summer. I think the weather here is much better for a vegetable garden here than in Denver. Right now we are just growing weeds in the back yard. My neighbor says there are lot of night crawlers in the yards around here so the dirt should be pretty good.