Saturday, July 5, 2014

Office/sewing room update

Previously called the office/sewing room, we temporarily called it the mold room. 

I removed the wood trim around the top and started to remove the wallpaper.  It looks like the wood trim is still up in the picture because the wall was painted burgundy previously.  I started pulling off the textured wallpaper. Things were looking pretty good until I got to the exterior wall.

They loved their textured wallpaper:

Prior to tearing down the wallpaper.

They even put textured wallpaper on the ceilings. It's bubbling in this room, so it's coming down.

As I was tearing down the yellow paper on the exterior wall,  blackish brown gunk started showing up on the exterior wall.

It appears to be between layers of wallpaper, not on the plaster wall itself.  Allen got a mold test kit and it seems to either be dead mold, or more likely dirt. When sprayed with wallpaper remover, it runs down the wall like dirt.

The yellow layer of wallpaper came up pretty easy, but the older layers required more tools and chemicals. My guess is that there are two layers under the yellow, a floral one, and a barfy pink one. One of them was painted over, which makes the removal much more difficult.

The previous owners had removed some parts of the previous layers, but not all of it.  So in this picture you can see painted plaster (where there was no paper), and bare plaster (where we removed paper that was painted).

After Priming:

Finished Room!

Now I can move in my office desk and sewing table, fabrics, etc.  So glad I have a room of my own to work in!


  1. I want a room like thar for my stamping and photography hobbies. Looking good. I know this is what you have been looking forward to having for your crafting and supplies.

    1. Nannette, this is just the "sewing room". The actual art studio will be double this size, once the basement remodel is completed.

  2. What a great room! Built-in storage, a window, and now nicely painted not to mention clean under the paint! You are accomplishing so much! Miss you, though.