Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Living Room Update

We finally finished painting the living room and dining room.  We have the living room pretty much ship-shape. We still have a lot of boxes in the rest of the area, so once we get it better organized/ cleaned up, I will post pictures of the them. I do need to buy/make some accent pillows and hang some art.

If you don't remember what this room used to look like, here it is in it's caramel colored glory.  

Priming, before painting.

And some more "after" photos.
And another photo after priming.


  1. Ginger, It's just beautiful, what a transformation! Everything fits really well and now you have lots of room in other rooms. The red couch looks great too. You both worked really hard and it paid off. What color is the wall? :)

  2. The wall color is Sherwin Williams Honeydew in the Cashmere paint/finish. We got the rug and furniture at Lazy Boy for the Louisville house. WE bought a bright yellow rug for under the dining room table at Ikea, which I really like (we just put it under the dining table today).