Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dining Room Update

Here is a picture of the dining room, almost complete.  We still have some boxes being stored in here.  I want to recover the dining chairs, but haven't decided on a fabric yet.  The back wall is in dire need of art, and I have painting/fabric collage planned but haven't started it yet.
I love this yellow rug from Ikea.

The "before" shots. After removing the spackled stencil patterns on the arch.

After priming.

The house has good bones and after refinishing the floor and changing the wall color, it really shines.


  1. It's looking very stylish but yes some Art here and there would be much better than a few artificial flowers or something. The archway really adds sophistication to both rooms. That's awesome to have. Very pretty and imaginative rug.

  2. I can't believe its the same place! You have done so much. Look forward to what is next!